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Network Marketing Principles

Be Balanced

Staying balanced in your personal life, religious life, social life, and business pursuits will make you happy, wealthy, and wise.  There is an order to keeping yourself and your life balanced and in alignment to succeed. 

First: God (meaning whoever or whatever you view as your source of strength and power) needs to be first in your thoughts and actions .

Second: Your spouse and then family come next in priority. Being too focused in your pursuits, hobbies, or other activities throw things out of whack and leave us wide open for failure in the home.

Third:  Promote your business and work it by following proven success principles that keep you balanced and in alignment to succeed in all aspect of life.

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Honor Friendships

You NEVER use friendships selfishly.  Friendships are to be treated with respect and never abused.  Be clear about what you say and do so that something is not misunderstood and cause bad feelings.

If a misunderstanding occurs, or you have done something that the friendship feels is out-of-bounds, then the situations must be rectified immediately.  Don't let it stew and cause a rift.  No success in business can  be worth the sacrifice of family and relationships.

Chickens, Turkeys, and Eagles

I once heard someone say that we try to make all of our new distributorships in a Network Marketing business become eagles and soar on their own.  We do not want this sort of structure in any type of business, particularly in Network Marketing (it's like having too many chiefs and not enough indians).

Yes in deed, we need chickens, turkeys, and eagles in order to succeed in Network Marketing.  Chickens and turkeys enjoy buying and using the products and services, and enjoy the socializing part of the business; they are the BASE in a business. 

To be successful in Network Marketing, we must be successful in identifying our chickens and turkeys and give them what they need.  These people are essential in building a strong business base.  Identifying the eagles will not be a problem because they identify themselves as they rise and soar on their own. 

Too often in Network Marketing, every single person who joins is expected to do well and become leaders; that just is not going to happen. Some will naturally be chickens and some turkeys and they are happy being who they are; and they want us to be happy with them being chickens and turkeys.  It is leadership's job is to identify those who show themselves as eagles and believe their potential to become an eagle in the business. 

An eagle becomes the star, the one that does whatever it takes to be successful, and the one that makes his or her own business grow.  As the eagles appear, the business will grow.  However, eagles eventually fly off on their own so we need to always be watchful for new eagles to appear.

Every successful business needs Retail Consumers, Employees, and Business Associates or Partners.  In most Network Marketing business plans, eagles are a necessary part of the business growing and a blessing. Appreciate what these people contribute and thank them for their support. 

OUR customers, OUR friends, OUR family, and OUR associations ARE NOT our ticket to success!  You are the ONLY one responsible for your successes and failures!  Success will eventually be the outcome when we follow correct principles; and more importantly, when applied to being happy with our success.

Give Eagles What They Need

Eagles need training.  Eagles need to be put in front of leadership that can help them advance.  

Eagles need to spread their wings and soar when they understand what to do.   Our job is to teach them how to soar and then let them go.

Eagles need our edification to their downline as well as to our own upline.  I was put in front of a VERY SUCCESSFUL TOP Leader for individual training and exposure to success.  I knew of the man and his story early on in my business.  As I advanced, my husband and I were invited to visit with him and five other couples for training.  Sitting with him on a sofa at an upline function and asking him questions was so personal and beneficial.

Edify Leaders

Sometimes people become possessive of their leaders and want to be admired by a leader's downline.  The smartest thing upline leadership can do is to edify that person to the people downline from them.  

For example, I would edify my upline leaders to my downline.  My downline would edify me to their downline and I would edify my upline and downline leadership. Never speak negatively about that upline or downline to others in the distributorship.  Remember to edify, edify, edify! 

Counseling situations that need attention are necessary but it must be kept in perspective and should never go crossline or to other downline.   Remember, the only purpose in discussing negativity is to discover an amicable resolution that is helpful and keeps the peace.

Questions Go Upline

Customers have questions, you have answers. Be keen to an opportunity to discuss and handle questions.  Resolve downline questions in private with their upline present if it is something that can be handled in that manner.  In some cases, the question or problems can be taken upline for advice.

One important thing to remember is to NEVER meet with a downline's downline without inviting their sponsor or without the sponsor knowing about the meeting!!